Lido di Jesolo, Italia


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På bytur i Jesolo


Jesolo er en kommune i provinsen
Venezia, like nord for Venezia mellom
Eraclea og Cavallino-Treporti med
ca. 24 000 innbyggere.
Byen ligger ved Adriaterhavet og er
kjent for sin 15 km lange sandstrand
og gode badeliv.
Den viktigste næringen i Lido di Jesolo
er turisme, og hovedgaten har utallige
restauranter, kaféer og hoteller

  Gutta prøver racerbil og motorsykler

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På marked i Jesolo

Geir likte den rosa panteren
Grete kunne tenke seg ny veske.
Men det ble ikke noe handling
for noen av oss.


Isola di Torcello
First built in the 7C, Santa Maria Assunta church was transformed in the
9C and 11C. This very sober building has an extremely rich interior decor
that includes a beautiful iconostasis, and most notably, superb bright
Byzantine-style mosaics depicting the Annunciation and the Last Judgment
(on the west wall). The overall effect is simply magnificent.
The 11C bell tower offers a beautiful view over the lagoon.


Jesolo har flotte strender og fine basseng.
Det ble mye bading


Hotel Panfilo





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Vi tok en utflukt til
i Slovenia.
(i 1987 Jugoslavia)

A fantastic web of tunnels,
passages, galleries and halls,
the astonishing diversity of
Karst features as well as easy
access are certainly the main
reasons for such popularity
of the cave and a large
number of visitors, which
has already reached
37 million in 200 years.



Øy i Venezias lagune



All visitors of Burano remain intrigued by the many colours
and the
colorful houses that are reflected into the green waters
of channels,
by the leaning bell tower, by the tranquility and the
calmness with
which the elderly ladies embroider original Burano
lace by their
tombolo (or lace pillow), while they are laughing
and chatting in
squares among them.
It seems to be in paradise. Children who dart

freely with their bicycles, balconies with multicolored flowers,
fishermen who put up fresh fish from their traditional boats.


Kanal på Burano
Murano’s reputation as a center for
glassmaking was born when the
Venetian Republic, fearing fire and
the destruction of the city’s mostly
wooden buildings, ordered
glassmakers to move their foundries
to Murano in 1291. Murano glass is
still associated with Venetian glass.
The Burano's Leaning Bell Tower
Built in the seventeenth century, the leaning tower has a
square shape and Renaissance and neoclassical architectural features.
He has undergone several restorations over the centuries, especially
in the upper part of the belfry. Among these maintenance works teh
most note is the one carried out by the Tirali, which occurred between
1703 and 1714.

I Venezias lagune ble båten vår
angrepet av pirater.

Hedldigvis viste det seg de at de
så farligere ut enn de var.

Barneklubben på Lido di Jesolo
hadde kledd seg ut og fulgt etter
oss i egen båt.

Utflukt til Venezia


This sanctuary on a lagoon is virtually the same as it was six
hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. V
enice has decayed since its heyday and is heavily touristed
(there are 56000 residents and 20 million tourists per year),
but the romantic charm remains.



The gondola (/ˈɡɒndələ/; Italian:
[ˈɡondola]) is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian
rowing boat, well suited to the
conditions of the Venetian lagoon.
It is similar to a canoe, except it is
narrower. It is propelled by a
gondolier, who uses a rowing oar,
which is not fastened to the hull, in a sculling manner and acts as the



Piazza San Marco

In New York, every tourist has to visit Times Square.
In London, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus vie for
the visitor's attention.
In Paris, the vacationer is expected to give at least a
passing glance to the Place de la Concorde.

The equivalent tourist magnet in Venice is the
Piazza San Marco
, better known to Anglophones as
St. Mark's Square. It differs from its foreign
counterparts in two major respects:

  1. It's more attractive, and...

  2.  It hasn't been corrupted by the automobile.

St. Mark's Basilica

The mightiest of Venetian monuments, the one that really shows the greatness of Venice is undoubtedly the Basilica of San Marco.
It was built over several centuries, frequently transformed and
enriched with precious treasures, often from the Far East.
Its architecture, a mixture of Byzantine, Roman and Venetian,
is the work of artists and craftsmen coming from all over.
It can be considered a real laboratory, a living organism,
developing and transforming over the centuries




 Sterling Airways
Hjemreise fra Treviso flyplass.
En veldig liten flyplass (1987), som denne dagen fikk veldig
stor trafikk pga streik ved Venezias hovedflyplass.
Helidgvis hadde vi sjekket inn da bussene med
Veneziaturister begynte å strømme inn.
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