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1. dag, 9. juli 2000

Avreise fra Oslo til Kiel med m/s Kronprins Harald

  • Kronprins Harald (in service from 1986–2007),
  • after which she was sold to Irish Ferries
  • and became MV Oscar Wilde.
MS Kronprins Harald - Wikipedia

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2. dag, 10. juli 2000

Vi sykla fra Kiel via Lütjenburg til Howacht
3. dag, 11. juli 2000

Sykkeltur i Holsteinske Schweitz

Holstein Switzerland lies in eastern
This picturesque region in the historical
county of Wagria has no precise political
or geographic boundaries.
Most of the area falls within the districts
of Ostholstein and Plön, roughly between
the cities of Lübeck and Kiel and extends
as far north as the Baltic coast.
Its major towns include
Bad Malente Gremsmühlen,
Lütjenburg, Oldenburg in Holstein,
Preetz and the old Residenz seats of
Eutin and Plön.
Holstein Switzerland - Wikipedia    
(15. august 2023)




Lütjenburg (Low
German: Lüttenborg)
is a town of the
district of Plön,

It is located
approximately 18 km
(11 mi) northeast
of Plön, and 30 km
(19 mieast of Kiel.

Lütjenburg was
founded in the 12th
century by Lord
Holstein as a result
of the conquest of
the old territories
of the Slavic peoples.
Lütjenburg - Wikipedia   
(15. august 2023)

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4. dag, 12. juli 2000

Bil: Hohwacht - Schleswig - Husum
Overnatting Campingplatz Dockkoog, Husum

Husum was first mentioned as Husembro in 1252, when king Abel was murdered.[citation needed]
Like most towns on the North Sea, Husum was always strongly influenced by storm tides. In 1362 a disastrous storm tide, the 
"Grote Mandrenke" flooded the town and carved out the inland harbour. Before this date Husum was not situated directly on the coast. The people of the city took advantage of this opportunity and built a marketplace, which led to a great economic upturn.
Between 1372 and 1398 the population of Husum grew rapidly, and two villages, Oster-Husum (East-Husum) and Wester-Husum (West-Husum), were founded.
Husum - Wikipedia     (15. august 2023)


Husum fyr
5. dag 13. juli 2000

Sykkeltur til fyrtårnet Westerhavesand

Husum fyr
The Westerheversand

(German: Leuchtturm
is located in Westerhever,
Considered to be one of
the bestknown
lighthouses in northern
Germany, it
was built in 1908. Its
cast iron tower is 40
metres (130 ft) high.
The lighthouse is often
used for weddings, and
one of the two keeper's
has been adapted for
use by the local
The tower has been
open to visitors since

Westerheversand Lighthouse -
(15. august 2023)

Naboteltene og nabobilene våre på campingen i Husum

6. dag, 14. juli 2000

Bil til St. Peter Ording og videre til Flensburg

Noas Ark
i St. Peter Ording



is situated
on the
North Sea
on the
tip of the
45 km

southwest of Husum.
Part of the municipality lies in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National
Park. Its characteristics include a beach that is
approximately 12 kilometers
long and up to one kilometre wide, the dunes, the salt meadows and the
cultivated forested areas, atypical for this region.
Sankt Peter-Ording - Wikipedia   (15. august 2023)
The Wadden Sea stretches from Den Helder, in the northwest of the Netherlands,
past the great river estuaries of Germany to its northern boundary at Skallingen in Denmark along a total coastline of some 500 km (310 mi) and a
total area of about 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi).

The word wad is Frisian and Dutch for "mud flat" (Low German and German: Watt, Danish: Vade). The area is typified by extensive tidal
mud flats, deeper tidal trenches (tidal creeks) and the islands that are contained within this, a region continually contested by land and sea.
The landscape has been formed for a great part by storm tides in the 10th to 14th centuries, overflowing and carrying away former peat land behind the coastal
dunes. The present islands are a remnant of the former coastal dunes.
Towards the North Sea the islands are marked by dunes and wide sandy beaches,
and towards the Wadden Sea a low, tidal coast. The impact of waves and currents carrying away sediments is slowly changing both land masses and coastlines. For example, the islands of Vlieland and Ameland have moved eastwards through the centuries, having lost land on one side and added it on the other.

Wadden Sea - Wikipedia    (15. august 2023)
Flensburg is in the
north of the German
very close to the
German-Danish border. After Westerland, on
the island of Sylt, it is
northernmost town.
Flensburg lies at the

innermost tip of the Flensburg Firth, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. Flensburg's
eastern shore is part of the Anglia peninsula.
Flensburg - Wikipedia    (15. august 2023)


Women's parking spaces were originally introduced in 1990 in Germany to
improve women's safety and reduce the risk of sexual assault  This was
formulated because women felt at risk in parking garages which were often
dark and deserted. After Germany, places like Korea and China also adopted
this policy. It soon became a law in some regions of Germany that at least
30% of parking spots must be reserved for women.
Women's parking space - Wikipedia     (15. august 2023)

7. dag, 15. juli 2000

Sykkeltur:Flensburg - Kruså - Flensburg

Kruså is a Danish border town and border crossing with a population
of 1,542 (1 January 2023), six kilometers north of Flensburg.

On 9 April 1940, at 4:15 am German troops crossed the border here
beginning the invasion of Denmark.
Until the opening of the motorway border crossing at Frøslev Kruså
was the most important crossing over land to Germany.
Kruså - Wikipedia    (15. august 2023)

Grensevei mellom Danmark og Tyskland
8. dag, 16. juli 2000

Vi besøkte Schloss Glücksburg
Glücksburg Castle (German: Schloss Glücksburg, Danish: Lyksborg Slot)
is one of the most significant Renaissance castles in Northern Europe
The castle was the headquarters of the ducal lines of the house of
Glücksburg and temporarily served as the primary residence of the
Danish monarch. The building is in the town of Glücksburg, located in
Northern Germany on the Flensburg Firth.
The structure is a water castle. The ducal house of Glücksburg derived
its name from the castle and its family members are related to almost
all European dynasties.
Nowadays, the castle is one of the most famous sights in the German
state of Schleswig Holstein. Within the castle is a museum which is
open to the public.
Glücksburg Castle - Wikipedia    (15. august 2023)
The history of today's castle grounds began in Schleswig in 1192, when the double monastery of St. Michael auf dem Berge was dissolved. The nuns then moved to the St.
John's Monastery in Schleswig, which still exists today, while the monks left the place and went to Guldholm on Langsee.
Glücksburg Castle - Wikipedia    (15. august 2023)
The history of
the castle itself
begins in 1582.
The Danish King Frederick II encumbered
his brother
John, known as
Hans the
Younger, with
the lands of

Sundewitt, the Reinfeld monastery and the old Ryd Abbey, amongst other
things. John, who already had considerable possessions, acquired
additional areas.
Glücksburg Castle - Wikipedia    (15. august 2023)
Already during the time of the Rüdekloster, the monastery had a garden, which was lost after the grounds were laid down and the castle pond was dammed. With the exception of a kitchen garden from 1622, the palace was only given a larger park area in the 18th century. Under the
gardener Jürgen Lorentzen, a small pleasure garden was laid out on the site of the later rose garden from 1706 to 1709.
Glücksburg Castle - Wikipedia    (15. august 2023)



vises fram

Og så

og salgsboder

og godt med
liten hvil.

Vi fikk også
med en
på slottet.

Fra slottet ser man over til Danmark.

9. dag, 17. juli 2000

Bil til Rømø i Danmark
med overnatting på Lakolk Camping

10. dag, 18. juli 2000

Båt til Sylt og sykkeltur på øya


Litt for kaldt til å ta et bad.
10. dag, 19. juli 2000

Bil fra Rømø til Hirtshals
OVernatting på Kjul Camping

Siste leir før vi tar båten hjem
11. dag, 20. juli 2000

Vi skulle hjem med Color Festival.
Den skulle ikke gå før kl 1830,
så vi haddenesten  hele dagen i Hirtshals.

Hirtshals' lighthouse

on top of Stenbjerg is the
town's beautiful landmark.
The lighthouse was
opened in 1863 and was
constructed in King
Frederik VII's time. The
king's monogram adorns
the tower just above the
entrance door.
The lighthouse is 35 meter
high and has a focal height
of 57 meters, meaning the lens is 57 meter above sea. The lighthouse is situated
on a cliff 22 meters above sea. Take the 144 steps up the tower and enjoy the stunning views over the Skagerrak and Vendsyssel
Hirtshals Lighthouse │ Experience Hirtshals │ Attractions for the entire family │ Lighthouses in Denmark (   
(15. august 2023)

Endelig kom sommeren

MS «Mega Smeralda» (tidligere MS «Color Festival») er et skip som var eid av
det norske rederiet Color Line fra 1994 til 2008, og som trafikkerte rutene
Oslo-Hirtshals (1994–2006) og Oslo-Frederikshavn (2006–2008).

Bilde og tekst fra MS «Mega Smeralda» – Wikipedia
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